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PTt: arevolution in anchorless brushmaking


In the spring of this year, 16 yearsafter the AFT technology, Boucherie presented the PTt technology at theoccasion of the Interbrush show in Freiburg. So many years ago, AFT was thefirst commercially available anchorless technology on the market, and itsuccessfully opened up a multitude of options for new toothbrush designs.


With the new PTt technology, themanufacturing of anchorless toothbrushes becomes simpler, and offers an evenwider range of design options and manufacturing advantages. The way thetechnology fixes the tufts in the brush head is totally different from anything else :

1./ filaments are end-rounded andarranged in a tuft pattern

2./ the individual filaments are meltedtogether to form tufts that have a mushroom shaped end

3./ the tufts are inserted in pre-coredholes of a toothbrush handle.

4./ By applying pressure ( P) and heat ( T) during a certain time ( t), the surface of the brush head shapesitself to enclose the mushroom-shaped ends of the tufts, holding them firmly.

The MANUFACTURING advantages areimportant :

Just like a conventional toothbrushmachine, the PTt works with standard toothbrush handles with precored holes.There is only one mold, and there is only one handle component to process.

There is no welding, clicking orassembly as is the case with head plate technology

PTt works with pre-cut filament pucks. Afibrebox with in-line end rounding feature ensures excellent product qualityfor each filament type.

Any kind of filament, with no specialcoatings, and in any packaging, can be processed with the AFT style tuftpicking technology, using integrated pre-endrounding.

Tuft fusing is possible by means ofradiation heat, with no contact between die and filaments.

The PTt is available as a manuallyloaded machine, or with all possible automation to reduce operator labour to aminimum. Depending on the number of stations and the exact configuration, thereare PTt machines available with outputs from 22 up to 48 brushes per minute.




The product DESIGNadvantages are more than substantial :

Next to simplifying themanufacturing process, the revolutionary PTt anchorless technology bringsentirely new design possibilities :

Because there are nohead plates and no anchors, the PTt technology allows a very narrow spacebetween the tufts and the edge of the head

TPE ( “rubber”)cleaning elements between the tufts, on the outside or on the back of the head( tongue cleaner), are possible.

The widest range ofhandle materials can be used, including transparent materials.

Angled tufts arepossible, in length-, width or a combined direction

The toothbrush head canbe very thin, typically at least one millimeter thinner than a conventionaltoothbrush, which makes for a very ergonomic toothbrush head.

The tuft topography canbe complex, with extreme length differences, without any additional complexityor cost. There are no hard to maintain profiled trimming devices, there are nospreading systems.

Tufts of the mostvaried sizes and shapes can be combined.

The product QUALITY advantages are convincing :

Excellent and consistent tuft retention

No voids in the head, the handle material is tightly hugging thefilaments, with no voids as in the case of plate technology.

Pre-endrounding system integrated in the fibrebox, just like on thewell-known and proven AFT machine : pre-cut filaments are put in the fibreboxof the machine, automatically or manually, after which they are end-roundedbefore being picked and tufted.

A 5-colour fibrebox allows to use a wide variety ofbristle types in the product, and each filament type has its own end-roundingdevice. In other words, the end-rounding process can be optimized dependingupon thickness, texture and/or colour of the filaments. All bristles of thesame type are end-rounded in the same conditions, so that all bristle tips willlater show an identical end-rounding quality, no matter where they are insertedin the brush.

Innovation Award at the 58th FEIBP Congress inEdinburgh, Scotland : Presented as Boucherie’s most recent technologicalinnovation for the production of anchorless brushes, the participants to thecongress elected the PTt technology as the winner of the Innovation Award.


When it comes to top quality products of thehighest sophistication, there is simply no comparison. There is only BoucheriePTt.